Burstcoin Assets

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Issuance TransactionID Name Holders Asks Bids Trades Price VolumeWeek VolumeMonth
12532751834119208533 O L M2B 34 3 6 169 6 710,465 1,567,090
The new made2BURST.com and Made2BURST.io asset account. Information here...https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1937/asset-madetoburst-your-premier-social-pvp-gambling-game/60 Show chart
15582693451220660615 O L SnakeEyes 403 55 16 2554 7 253,207 1,087,982
SnakeEyes is the official BurstCasino.com Asset Show chart
1486012417237351373 O L FlexCore 209 12 22 235 7 206,379 765,204
Flex Asset is the culmination of all my successful assets. This is a multi-segment asset combining Burst Mining, Pool Fees, Alt Coin mining and Trading both in Burst and Altcoins. Please find asset information at: www.flexasset.club Show chart
6503640249706792397 O L UniBURST 436 52 25 4733 23.94 199,140 2,315,124
This asset's info can be found at http://uniburst.info - This is a crowetic managed asset. MASSIVE GPU/HDD mining operation, with BONUS 3 BTC trade fund at first. Operation is 60,000 USD to start, and will grow, so will trade fund. Long-term asset with long-term goals to be the highest paying asset on the AE. Invest with confidence! Show chart
15836104858047390466 O L MTMGaming 484 133 18 7685 4.1999 96,499 2,462,247
The Official MTM Gaming Asset (MikeTheMug) Full Details can be found at https://www.burstnation.com/wbb/index.php?thread/906-mikethemug-burst-gaming-asset-the-fire-hot-asset-with-the-most-insane-and-unpred/ Show chart
7446696040689299191 O L FleXmark 11 3 1 88 8 77,232 77,332
Token used for FleX promotions Show chart
18318635463937398976 O L BURSity 194 38 17 1030 7.5 68,018 628,630
Diversity, Multi-Faceted Wealth Generation, solid foundation. crowetic managed asset. More info here http://bursity.info Show chart
6037211370250490240 O L hsassets 161 15 8 1598 60 48,101 549,173
The initial revenue for this asset will come from Haitch's portfolio of assets which has been transferred to the asset. 80% of the income from the asset sales, along with 20% of the monthly revenue from the asset, will be reinvested into additional assets to continuously grow the asset. https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3625/haitchs-assets-asset Show chart
6896197830923766736 O L BurstOcean 269 42 14 1775 11 46,299 361,900
The BurstOcean asset is designed to provide stability and growth to the BURST community and at the same time to reward its shareholders with decent dividends&bonuses. The wealth of the asset will be generated by several income streams that will be steadily implemented(the first revealed ones are Bitcoin&Burst Mining). The primary goal of BurstOcean is to ascend the BURST community to the heights it deserves. Find out more about our plans and progress: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2317/ann-burstocean-fresh-asset-entering-the-market Show chart
14617628407773995865 O L burstradio 238 20 19 1222 3.2 42,381 976,359
THE BURST NATION RADIO ASSET (BNR) POWERED BY vBURST Tokens Full Info here https://www.burstnation.com/wbb/index.php?thread/2007-the-burst-nation-radio-asset-bnr-asset-vburst-virtual-burst-tokens-grand-launch/ Show chart
2264511436216725766 O L Lex4All 244 22 18 1577 2.01 29,574 178,103
This asset will be backed by 60TB of mining power during initial stages, more drives will be purchased to add to the overall mining power after asset release. will also include half of http://burst.lexitoshi.uk's fees as dividends. and random bonus's from burstnation.com Show chart
1605211475111316015 O L Futuros 50 2 5 118 18 28,498 46,124
Futuros is a stable and transparent asset which profits come from GPU, ASIC and HDD mining + cryptocurrency trading. Find more info at http://projectfuturos.com/ and https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/4466/ann-futuros Show chart
10465185571600128984 O L TalonPower 33 1 0 20 1 23,222 23,222
the first asset that has 100% of the share(s) amount in escrow. Show chart
5255893438014874161 O L CCM100 287 37 20 3620 1.8 16,183 182,863
THE GOAL OF THIS ASSET IS TO REACH 1000TB MINING CAPACITY to put together with the 100TB already running with CCMINER100. OFFICIAL THREAD: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3108/ann-ccminer1000 WEBSITE WHERE TO PURCHASE SHARES WITH BITCOIN: https://asset.ccminer.net/ Show chart
17151315391910725658 O L OGburst 237 31 20 1809 6 14,960 205,582
O.G Burst Gadget is a High End Burst Coin Mining Farm Currently with 213.4 TerraBytes pumping out freshly mined Burst coins 24/7. Only top of the line hardware and highly optimized plots on enterprise HDD's used in this uber powerful and profitable mining operation. Show chart
15266167261394017138 O L casino 214 33 19 4600 62.98 14,050 70,879
The official Burst Casino Asset (burstcasino.com) Show chart
8037858512672935472 O L MicroBURST 75 7 7 245 3.1 13,255 480,470
The MicroBURST asset's primary goal is to expand operations of existing hardware mining operations. Secondarily to provide a vehicle to allow others the opportunity to invest in existing mining operations that will continue to grow in this new financial model for the world. The wealth of the asset will be generated by several income streams that have been in operation since Dec/2016. And will be steadily expanded upon to provide asset holders with increasing returns on investment. Find out more about our plans and progress: https://www.burstnation.com/wbb/index.php?thread/2445-new-asset-microburst-from-smiley/ Show chart
1892701762360056549 O L btcdragon 177 48 7 2006 3.59 9,796 74,512
Casino with Multipul Games , with Jackpot slots more details here https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3307/ann-btcdragon-casino-asset Show chart
4496198869167276848 O L CCMINER100 230 21 14 2774 1.98 8,510 89,972
16244476365864733710 O L TAC 26 6 3 29 1000 6,000 6,000
Shares in TAC entitle you to 50% of the thisaccount account holdings at the moment of liquidation. The shares bare no dividend, and NAV can be calculated at any given moment through the account holdings in BURST and assets. There will be an initial 50 shares given away for free and all other shares distribution is done via dividend tool payment. Show chart
16387422001621445689 O L edge1978 110 89 12 1182 0.04 5,455 150,097
As most of you know I spend a lot of burst and make a lot of burst most of the time. Every day I make a profit, 50% will go to dividends. 25% will go to reinvesting, and the rest will be recycled to make more profit. I make my profits from mining, assets, burst casino, freebitco.in, and Patreon Show chart
5567986790414164482 O L ADSactly 104 17 10 863 2.01 5,380 48,026
ADSactly-Crypto Asset will share the Wealth that is generated from several sources including Crypto Coins Asset Holdings, Advertising, Consulting, Development Services, etc Click the Link below for full details on the Asset the current pricing and learn how to get involved. http://adsactly.com Show chart
13285586296728134057 O L gibsmining 19 1 2 31 10 4,839 20,579
Burst Mining done on the Burst platform, to ensure stability in burst value per share. 50% Escrow for aditional trust and stability in value. check for all updates at https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/5720/ann-gib-s-mining-asset Show chart
11783342878931880450 O L WorldMine 226 50 11 1604 5 4,358 64,653
This asset is culmination of a large GPU farm and BURST mining, which will start a relationship with a new partner. crowetic will be managing this asset in terms of the asset account, and payouts, and there will be a statistics page posted when finished. Asset info here - https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3190/new-asset-worldmine-weekly-payouts-crowetic-managed-new-burst-partnership-forming Show chart
11249475790449858086 O L BSILVER 215 32 14 1850 9.999 3,996 206,071
http://burstcoin.online - will contain information on asset as it currently sits. Goal of the asset is to be the first BURST silver-backed asset, and to eventually provide prices on silver that are lower than market rates, with mining power and buying and selling silver coins, crypto trading, and more, to generate revenue for asset payouts. Payouts will be held monthly, initial release is 1000 assets to 1 oz of silver. Cash-out period starts after 3 months of the asset release. Initial silver reserve is fractional, and rest will be acquired within 6 months of asset release, trade-ins for silver start after 3 months. Here's to the future of BURST and providing a cheap silver gateway through the exclusive gateway made possible by BURST! Asset issued by crowetic, mm, and kitsune of BURST and expanded teams. Show chart
9036920395530551012 O L BTFGPool 33 1 11 18 0.5 3,546 3,546
This is the official Asset for the BTFG Pool. All BTFG Pool Fees will go into this account. 50% of all weekly income will be distributed as dividends. The rest will be used to invest in various dividend paying assets. BTFG Pool (BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX) will always hold 50% of the BTFG Pool and Investment Asset. BTFG (BURST-2RPL-BCG9-AK34-6FXYN) will be the account which the rest of the Asset will be bought or sold from. Official Thread: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/5674/ann-btfg-pool-asset Show chart
8140956823699307160 O L Minero200 8 1 4 7 1.7038 3,451 3,451
Asset for a 200TB miner. More information: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/6293/ann-minero200tb Show chart
14692463117907261266 O L BURSTize 113 17 8 694 9 3,133 8,742
This asset's information is located at http://burst.city. The asset is hosted by haitch, crowetic, and dawallet of the BURST team. Invest with confidence! Show chart
7509020767882905849 O L KOHINOOR 15 1 1 19 10 3,110 11,780
Its Secure Investment Plan Where 50% Invested in BURST and 50% Outside BURST In CRYPTO!! Payout Weekly More Info on Burst Forums. Show chart
4271892478945522528 O L StupidPts 33 4 1 95 0.001 2,899 4,157
You must of done something really stupid to get some of these stupid points. Feel free to share them. Show chart
9998071651072078911 O L SoCalsFarm 75 8 6 355 4 2,037 14,706
This is a Community BURST mining Asset that will be used for the purchase, maintenance, and operation of HDDs for BURST mining. All proceeds from mining get distributed to Asset holders. Show chart
8094717548345959327 O L HiDevin 28 3 3 78 1 1,712 36,508
Pretty much, you get half of what I mine with 8TB :) I mine at lexi's pool Show chart
8947810155983655217 O L 402 298 82 0 2525 1 1,685 759,950
A privately managed retirement fund. See http://402.business/ for more information. Show chart
15997595685586248102 O L MikeTheMug 152 38 6 1701 0.0499 1,232 4,245
The Infamous MikeTheMug will make Weekly Payouts to everyone who has this asset. The More you scoop up, the more of each weekly payout you recieve. No guarentees on the amount of each payout, no guarentee on ROI. Weekly Payouts will always vary. Asset life 3 Months Ends 4/12/2017 This asset is soley for entertainment purposes and pure speculation on a massive ROI based on the history of MikeTheMug Raining Millions of Burst Coins onto his online Fanbase! Show chart
17574856731278218225 O L MCM 82 10 5 654 0.61 1,156 55,495
Multi-Crypto Mining Asset, mining a multi-pool & exchanging for Burst. Mining all up & coming coins. Will hold coins to sell at highs. View link for full details http://tiny.cc/dl14ey Show chart
12143106865567593139 O L YASA 47 7 12 326 10.8 788 20,561
This is staking crypto coins asset with montly dividends. More information at: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2427/yasasset Show chart
15208279992621279224 O L BURSTaker 147 16 4 1683 10 784 25,819
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1323657.msg14923659#msg14923659 The FIRST BURST Staking Asset hosted by crowetic and company. Invest with confidence! Show chart
14092376023955917604 O L BURSTeam 186 20 8 1616 0.5101 646 10,117
This asset is based on the entirety of the pool fee of http://pool.burst-team.us, as well as mining power. initial power 5x5TB will start once new drives arrive at crowetic's location. There will be other forms of income directed at the asset in the coming weeks, no set time at this point. Buy with confidence, original asset ByteEnt is the most trusted on the BURST chain, this will be no different and run by the same team! Show chart
3509939581101213262 O L RAFFLE 6427 18 19 4722 0.8 624 13,178
Provably fair Burst RAFFLE to reside at burst.raffle.pw Create raffles on the fly. Instant payout to winners. Instant payout to asset holders. Provably fair. Show chart
8686176194630998128 O L Supreme 8 1 1 10 150 600 1,246,848
the personal money market for supreme Show chart
17374526332841192454 O L Burst4All 79 10 1 680 0.14 577 1,057
As Burst penetrates global markets we aim to be there with BURST4ALL a Burst Asset designed to finance the future of Burst Mining. As new farms spring up and as new platforms are invented BURST4ALL will be there with a low fee pool with client support in chat along with dedicated mining power in pool and without a deadline filter so even miners with less than a terabyte can earn block share. BURST4ALL will be affordable and pay relatively high dividends to share holders based on dedicated mining revenue and pool fee. Show chart
16178492568315119941 O L MIA 57 15 3 528 0.2100001 558 14,103
MIA Asset Wallet - A future for Burst millionaires! Show chart
12902579278867632155 O L SatoshiMt 55 1 4 121 20 472 12,274
Satoshi Mountain utilizes alternative coin mining and advertising faucets to obtain as many Satoshis as possible. SatoshiHunter1@gmail.com Show chart
5892347315238085011 O L NEWS 138 17 0 1074 0.35 438 10,401
The N.E.W.S. Asset is basically a diversified look at investing your Burst, while at the same time, stimulating interest in the coin. For more information, please visit: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1249/ann-pre-launch-of-n-e-w-s Show chart
8788580230271293840 O L assetmine 23 3 4 126 3.98 394 9,557
This asset is made to give you a good profit and help me to grow my asset portfolio. I will pay 2% dividends every 2 weeks (initial realese price). Every burst leftover will stay in this wallet and will be used for the buyback. 50 weeks after the release I will stop paying dividends and will launch the buyback. The funds cumulated in the buyback wallet will be transferred to the assetmine wallet. Every share will be bought back for 15 burst each 150% of the initial release price. Show chart
1731297640649805767 O L MBS1002 36 5 0 254 1 329 10,436
This asset MBS1002 is the second stage of MBS1001 dividends are paid every day, it is driven by mining Burst and mining GPU "Monero and trading of Monero and Dash. Https://forums.burst-team.us/user/saulreal Show chart
13523174467768818164 O L MBS1001 49 5 0 222 9.9 306 4,806
Hola lanzo al mercado el activo MBSR100-1 con 4 TB 10 burst por accion, 24/7 con pago de utilidad diario y alcanzar los 100 TB en breve, 70% para accionistas y 30% mantenimiento y reinversion. iniciemos la aventura! BURST-6JLK-97LX-84RM-AZ3NS Show chart
4441528811022505896 O L Elite 43 11 0 208 0.002 180 180
The Elite Asset is a wise investment of your burst. We are a fast-growing network of dedicated burst mining hardware and we are committed to making our investors richer. Take a look at http://eliteasset.weebly.com for more info. Show chart
4166893642908831356 O L Vector 36 7 3 410 16 160 468
Vector is a asset trading asset. It will place buy orders and sell orders on assets and help to promote the trading of assets. The asset will pay 75% of its earnings and 100% of its assets dividends, as monthly dividends. The last 25% is going to be reinvested. Show chart
299666019742559243 O L qora 981 25 6 571 0.0001 124 298
Qora is a 2nd generation mined out cryptocurrency designed from the ground up to solve Bitcoin’s biggest problems like decentralization while also adding new promising features that will be preannounced. Qora is being built from scratch and will not rely on any other crypto-currency. See Website qora.org. Qora uses a copied proof-of-stake algorithm making it future-proof for the richlist. Qora was being developed in Java. Qora relied on an IPO for initial distribution of the supply. The IPO money is gone. The total amount of Qora in existence is 10'000'000'000 (10 Billion). One Qora has 8 digits after the decimal point. Sincerely, your Supreme Leader. www.qora.org Show chart
4762801406751253511 O L QIBUCK 60 40 5 179 0.5 91 21,814
QIBUCK TOKEN ASSET replaces QIBUCK COIN. All current holders of QIBUCK COIN are eligible for a 1:1 swap of QIBUCK COIN for QIBUCK TOKEN. 2 Million Qibuck Tokens will be issued and what is not given to current QIBUCK COIN holders will be sold. This is a multi-faceted Asset and all assets currently belonging to QIBUCK COIN will be transferred to QIBUCK TOKEN ASSET. Dividends will be issued MONTHLY as a QIBUCK TOKEN BAGBONUS, like we used to do for QIBUCK COIN holders but only difference is all holders of the asset will share in the dividends. 10% of the asset will be maintenance fee for SAM SILVA AND ELLIE YAN who will run and maintain the asset. 10% of the asset will belong to QIBUCK ASSET and profits thereof will be used for buy support/buy backs mainly. Around 600k TOKENS are reserved for the QIBUCK COIN swap and the rest will be sold in tiers. All information pertaining to this asset can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1891086.msg18786288#msg18786288 Show chart
10278367095211385215 O L BCMPMiner 54 15 0 234 0.018 77 458
This is the BurstCoinMining.Com Pool Mining Asset Show chart
1800253871016293364 O L ByteEnt 202 17 7 1400 15 75 26,982
https://burstforum.com/index.php?threads/ann-byteenterprises.310/ for more details. This is ByteEnterprises Show chart
17295286510783838993 O L BurstGrow 28 19 4 114 5 75 1,010
BurstGrow is my first asset (https://forums.burst-team.us/user/potkas). Its main focus is to try and help burstcoin to grow in price. I want to achive it by lending btc on poloniex and buy burst from the income it generates! I will add my assets and my minner(5.1tb) to it as well! The asset will be rather small one and will be cowered by escrow . By time the holdings of the asset will grow(i will buy some assets from part of the incomes). So you should expect the price to grow too. Show chart
3855145173095950761 O L Energizer 58 6 0 696 5 70 376
Energizer Mining Asset. 1,000,000 shares available for 10Burst each. Goal is 500TB of mining power by the end of 2017 Show chart
14111531369712118954 O L v2Pool 155 30 12 486 1.8 61 3,829
This Asset is based off the pool's fee. Read more here: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2660 Pool's Website: http://pool.burstcoin.ml Show chart
11188744773544606055 O L Income 578 76 5 865 0.15 59 135
The asset will generate revenue in Bitcoin from various: PTC sites, faucets, referral commissions, other affiliate sites. The Bitcoin revenue will then be converted back into BURST, and distributed amongst shareholders. It is basically a decentralized referral empire based asset. Show chart
3101115594843807035 O L BdePool 32 7 0 260 3.9999 31 631
http://pool.burstcoin.de Asset. 50% monthly payout of the pool fees to asset holders. Look for more information @ http://www.burstcoin.de/assets/asset_bdepool.pdf Show chart
8776870561463226621 O L NewMiner 38 2 2 125 9.999 19 14,728
Asset based on the mining power and investments from the NewMiner Asset. Show chart
16531555643066003940 O L Reaper 81 13 2 218 0.009 18 292
Welcome to Hades's asset! This is a cheap and high paying asset. Revenue will come from Burst Casino, Poloniex Trading, Assets and AE trading! Payouts are EVERY DAY! Minimum payout for now is 5k (can be higher) but as more shares are sold this will go up. Show chart
3537636055215115561 O L 2GoodAsset 220 33 2 1011 0.01 8 387
This offers a great opportunity to make BustCoin on these top price per share Assets Show chart
14668748687827404894 O L PetaByte 46 2 4 305 18001 8 98
Buying BURST mining hardware to share the profit. Details see at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PetaByte/532592560206316 1 TB space is equal 1 PetaByte share Show chart
8725117997813711133 O L MegaBurst 45 6 3 237 1 5 96,808
MegaBurst Asset - Weekly Dividends, Backed by Real Business Show chart
5873955545988817013 O L Forums 7 1 6 7 1 2 2
An asset that is going to have a one time payout to thank you all for making https://forums.burst-team.us the awesome place it is. Show chart
942954888627932030 O L FleX 166 37 0 1417 1 0 530,273
Flex Asset is the culmination of all my successful assets. This is a multi-segment asset combining Burst Mining, Pool Fees, Alt Coin mining and Trading both in Burst and Altcoins. Please find asset information at: www.flexasset.club Show chart
18029223201412514682 O L BurstMC 90 12 4 1458 40 0 43,723
Asset Based on the combined mining power of BurstMining Club Miner and fees generated from the BurstMining Club Pool Show chart
18006693763131799115 O L IBMining 39 10 4 257 5 0 32,975
IceBurst Mining is dedicated to converting alt coins into Burst coins to strengthen value and pay dividends to investors. Show chart
2539278261909485422 O L 518Bonus 6 11 2 56 1001 0 17,688
This asset is MGC master node and BURST mining, which will start a relationship with a new partner. Dividends per day 10000 burst coin,Daily dividend(518每天分红). Asset info here - http://www.fiyea.com/mgc/?page=masternode http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mergecoin/ Search aliases 518 can find asset managers and transactions. Show chart
13269487616284934988 O L bcard10 2 2 1 16 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 10 'The Burst Casino' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/99/304-99d157c4.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
12356050134217906920 O L bcard3 1 1 0 5 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 3 'Patriot' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/9a/300-9a8b857c.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
15934193868039981429 O L bcard5 1 1 0 5 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 5 'The Asset Exchange' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/cc/298-cc807ada.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
13764528017058211053 O L bcard7 1 1 0 7 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 7 'Purple Butterfly' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/f1/299-f16c8dc0.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
17127994469745679233 O L bcard4 1 1 0 7 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 4 'Burst Nation Junkies Club' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/1d/302-1d355642.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
11675298348805434492 O L bcard9 2 1 2 8 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 9 'Propagandalf' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/d8/306-d81631ed.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
8385888587632606238 O L bcard8 1 1 0 5 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 8 'Boxing Burst' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/ee/303-eeeb4923.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
4927069239441381569 O L bcard11 1 1 0 8 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 11 'The Nameless' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/4d/305-4de5f33c.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
16638626464928840929 O L bcard2 1 1 0 7 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 2 'Burst Lord' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/0e/297-0eff0514.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
12810153027034866423 O L bcard6 1 1 0 7 7500 0 7,500
Proof of Ownership: Burst Card 6 'Gold Card' https://www.burstnation.com/gallery/userImages/70/301-70162e5f.png Verified by the Burst Card Directory Show chart
3862010576244086434 O L SkidMine1 23 7 5 126 39.999999 0 5,287
https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2869/superskid-mining-asset-1 Show chart
9816832562606350214 O L ATAssets 9 1 0 9 0.15 0 2,299
The official asset issued by AutisticTrain. Payouts will be made at least once a month as long as it is possible. Show chart
13357329997286365796 O L StupTrade 13 7 1 60 1 0 2,149
StupTrade is a highly speculative asset that tries to make money by buying and selling assets and crypto-currencies at the right price. Dividends will be random but at least once a month. Show chart
987893097294384350 O L RapidM 31 12 3 97 1 0 540
Payouts will be weekly starting next saturday and will be distributed as shown here: 100% will go to the shareholders There will be a quantity of 10,000 to start and the price will be 10 Burst. As this issue is bought out I will make a new issue with upgraded hardware and I will swap out the shares to the new one. Forum Link: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1509/rapidm/37 Show chart
1231812944272348986 O L TEKTONIKE 398 7 0 108 1 0 211
Nesta tecnologia, BURST COIN seu Modelo e Tecnologias, encontrei um excelente e seguro caminho para compartilhar meu trabalho, meus projetos, meus sonhos, minhas lendas e minhas realizações, de forma a realiza-los com a sua cooperação e com voce compartilhar os resultados. Um meio excelente de se conseguir a Sinergia da Proatividade. Realizando o significado da Tektonike - A Arte da Edificação - Edificando a Humanidade na Internet ! (Ver meus livros no Link da Amazon : ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AOEUZH0/ref=as_li_tf_til?tag=tektonaartede-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B00AOEUZH0&adid=0HYVWVRPJ3ERBQ8VS25W&&ref-refURL=http%3A%2F%2Ftektonike.blogspot.com.br%2F ) cuja tradução para diversos idiomas, é o meu Objeto Fim ! Goal: Distribuição dos livros da serie "Airam O Mago, O Quarto Rei" (Ed. Letras e Letras - SP - BR ISBN 85-85387-57-2 e Kindle Amazon " Airam O Mago em Qumrum - A TEKTONIKE" ASIN: B00AOEUZH0 ) Show chart
12352013921347055881 O L Margin 33 4 5 180 20 0 200
Margin is working 24/7 to generate Bitcoins. All its earnings is based in Bitcoins. 75% will be returned to all holders of Margin, 20% to future investments and the last 5% to the owner of Margin. Show chart
15790499215652851079 O L BurstBank 7 5 0 19 2 0 200
Together we are power! 50% weekly payment and 50% on the development of the asset !! Show chart
12367992174200499314 O L JeremyMHA 22 2 1 174 0.012001 0 162
This asset is "primarily" designed and regarded as a mining helper buddy asset for those who want to mine Burst but is in a situation where they can't. Also, this will be a good gig for those Burst asset investors who want to expand their portfolio. Show chart
3558383635212006927 O L BurstCombo 36 6 0 519 50 0 50
BurstCombo Asset Wallet - A stepping stone to multiple assets !! Show chart
8694705295771523857 O L DOUBLE 2 2 0 11 0.00000001 0 35
The asset will generate revenue by exchanging burstcoin among other members in a form of donation. You donate to the members and members donate to you to return a favour, receiving more than you donated. With DOUBLE you can make 100% profit with in 30 days Show chart
4445759384780677962 O L NEWSILVER 56 10 3 536 1 0 27
The twin asset to HZ SILVER ( http://hzcharts.coin.emergate.net/?a=getAsset&d=18188286224329834617 ) now available on the BURST AE as well. Show chart
7334806072668361028 O L LendR 7 3 0 8 9 0 18
LendR is an asset based on lending crypto-currencies. Coins will be loaned on poloniex and profit will be returned to you. For more info and questions visit here: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1714/lendr Show chart
9759497918807600037 O L B4AToken 40 3 3 19 0.1 0 14
This asset is distributed as a token to current Burst4All Asset Holders who purchased assets on the exchange, pending restructuring of the Burst4All asset. This is a 1 for 1 distribution of current asset holders as of Feb. 21st 2017. Please note this asset has NO TRADING VALUE and is used simply as a current distribution token. Show chart
11086038929462719072 O L BiggestEM 2 3 0 1 0.001 0 10
As the tittle says BIGGEST EOBOT MINER !!! Cheap Assets as low as 1 Burst. 95% of revenue goes to SHARE HOLDERS. The other 5% for maintenance and RE-Investing. Show chart
14089856498886529004 O L burst 14 2 0 36 0.009 0 9
This asset will be to profit from short-term and medium-term investments in assets Nxt Asset Exchange. This asset will be to profit from short-term and medium-term investments in assets BURST Asset Exchange. For a successful start of the project, the holders of the asset will initially be paid high dividends:will be paid 25% return on investment in November 2015.,will be paid 25% return on investment in December 2015. Show chart
6375025852325763329 O L PMLNETWORK 2 1 0 1 1 0 7
The asset is a mobile application called PMLNETWORK, available free from the Google Play Store. The application will provide pre-paid mobile phone top-up services to 23 Caribbean countries. The pre-paid mobile phone top-up credits will be sold/exchanged for Burst coins and Amazon digital gift cards. The application will also provide International exchange services for users to exchange Burst coins for PayPal cash, Amazon Digital Gift Cards for PayPal, and exchange Amazon Digital Gift Cards for Burst coins. Amazon Digital Gift Cards collected through the application will be converted to Bitcoin using purse.io etc. then exchanged to Burst using Poloniex. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_pml2020.PMLNETWORK&hl=en Show chart
4573175367072955417 O L HotPotato 577 28 7 196 0.000001 0 0
Whoever holds this asset is a fool. The more shares you end up with the greater fool you are! Get rid of the hot potatoes by transferring them to someone else. Let the games begin! This asset exists for the joy in fun. (This asset helps you also to build up your contact list and get new users aware of the asset exchange.) Show chart

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