Burstcoin Nodes

This page updates every 30 minutes. (Data updated 7994 minutes ago.)
And provides info about the 67 detected public Burstcoin nodes, found updated within the last hour.

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IP Version Platform Updated Before Country Region City Provider 1.3.4cg PC 00:14:17 Australia New South Wales Sydney Choopa, LLC 1.3.4cg PC 00:15:45 Belgium Flanders Ghent Telenet BVBA 1.3.4cg PC 00:12:04 Denmark North Denmark Thisted Altibox Danmark AS 1.3.4cg PC 00:12:59 France Grand-Est Strasbourg Orange 1.3.4cg PC 00:43:31 France Occitanie Ramonville-Saint-Agne Free SAS 1.3.4cg PC 00:05:26 Italy Lombardy Milan OVH SAS 1.3.4cg PC 00:11:02 Netherlands Provincie Gelderland Nijmegen Ziggo 1.3.4cg PC 00:01:50 Netherlands North Holland Haarlem ONLINE SAS 1.3.4cg PC 00:15:40 Sweden Västra Götaland Lundbyvassen BearCom AB 1.3.4cg Burst-DIO 00:05:10 United States New Jersey Clifton Digital Ocean 1.3.0cg PC 00:18:36 Bulgaria Sofia-Capital Sofia Neterra Ltd. 1.3.0cg PC 00:13:10 France Grand-Est Strasbourg Host Europe GmbH 1.3.0cg AIO 00:59:34 France Île-de-France Paris (8th arrondissement of Paris) Free SAS 1.3.0cg PC 00:08:27 Germany Bavaria Gunzenhausen (Frickenfelden) Hetzner Online GmbH
[2a02:c207:3002... 1.3.0cg PC 00:06:15 Germany Bavaria Munich (Ramersdorf-Perlach) Contabo GmbH 1.3.0cg PC 00:17:05 Germany Bavaria Munich (Ramersdorf - Perlach) Contabo GmbH 1.2.9b Ubuntu 00:22:56 United States Oregon Boardman Amazon 1.2.9(MSFT) Fix(v.M... 00:05:26 United States California Tustin Strasmore 1.2.9 AIO 00:37:09 Brazil Mato Grosso Nova Xavantina Intervia Solucoes Ltda 1.2.9 PC 00:31:51 Bulgaria Sofia-Capital Sofia Vivacom 1.2.9 PC 00:11:15 Canada Quebec Repentigny Videotron Ltee 1.2.9 AIO 00:20:10 Canada Ontario Thunder Bay TBayTel 1.2.9 CentOS 00:13:51 Canada British Columbia Abbotsford Shaw Communications 1.2.9 PC 00:16:29 Canada Quebec Montreal OVH Hosting 1.2.9 PC 00:09:52 Canada Quebec Montreal OVH Hosting 1.2.9 PC 00:11:52 Denmark Zealand Viby TDC Danmark 1.2.9 Burstco... 00:30:23 Denmark Zealand Roskilde GlobalConnect A/S 1.2.9 PC 00:07:51 France Île-de-France Paris Scaleway 1.2.9 PC 00:02:20 France Centre Olivet OVH SAS 1.2.9 Ubuntu 00:12:19 France Île-de-France Clichy-sous-Bois OVH SAS 1.2.9 PC 00:13:25 France Île-de-France Paris (8th arrondissement of Paris) ONLINE SAS 1.2.9 PC 00:06:26 France Île-de-France Paris (8th arrondissement of Paris) Free SAS 1.2.9 AIO 00:50:01 France Île-de-France Vaureal Free SAS 1.2.9 PC 00:55:38 Germany North Rhine-Westphalia Hoest Host Europe GmbH 1.2.9 (v.MSFT) 00:14:12 Germany Bavaria Nuremberg Hetzner Online GmbH 1.2.9 PC 00:54:39 Germany Hesse Frankfurt am Main HETZNER 1.2.9 PC 00:20:51 Germany Bavaria Munich (Ramersdorf - Perlach) Contabo GmbH 1.2.9 PC 00:20:21 Germany Bavaria Hohenthann (Andermannsdorf) Cluster-Team Guenter Haeusler & Andreas Specht GbR 1.2.9 PC 00:37:04 Italy Emilia-Romagna Cesena Cesena Net srl 1.2.9 AIO 00:26:04 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Hot Ulan Bator Mongolian National Research and Education Network 1.2.9 PC 00:10:32 Netherlands South Holland Rotterdam Ziggo 1.2.9 AIO 00:29:22 Republic of Korea Daejeon Daejeon SK Broadband 1.2.9 AIO 00:11:17 Republic of Korea Daejeon Daejeon SK Broadband 1.2.9 PC 00:10:05 Republic of Korea Seoul Seoul SK Broadband 1.2.9 AIO 00:28:27 Romania Judetul Cluj Turda RCS & RDS 1.2.9 PC 00:10:27 Sweden Västra Götaland Kinna Com Hem AB 1.2.9 PC 00:47:42 Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Turk Telekom 1.2.9 AIO 00:13:51 United Kingdom England Leyland Sky Broadband 1.2.9 PC 00:12:09 United States Tennessee Knoxville University of Tennessee 1.2.9 PC 00:17:21 United States Wisconsin Middleton TDS Telecom 1.2.9 PC 00:01:44 United States Texas San Antonio Rackspace Hosting 1.2.9 (v.MSFT) 00:03:20 United States Illinois Olney New Wave Communications 1.2.9 PC 00:29:53 United States Connecticut South Windsor Frontier Communications 1.2.9 PC 00:36:15 United States Massachusetts Boston Cogent Communications 1.2.8mu Russia 00:05:26 Russia Voronezhskaya Oblast' Voronezh Svyaz-Telecom Ltd. 1.2.8 PC 00:11:59 France Île-de-France Clichy-sous-Bois OVH SAS 1.2.8 AIO 00:13:56 France Hauts-de-France Roubaix OVH SAS 1.2.8 Nokia_3310 00:36:13 France Nord-Pas-de-Calais Roubaix OVH Hosting 1.2.8 PC 00:14:12 France Grand-Est Strasbourg Host Europe GmbH 1.2.8 PC 00:16:25 Germany Bavaria Gunzenhausen (Frickenfelden) Hetzner Online GmbH 1.2.8 PC 00:06:21 Republic of Korea Gyeongsangbuk-do Pohang Korea Telecom 1.2.8 Russia 00:28:41 Republic of Lithuania Vilnius City Municipality Vilnius Telia Lietuva, AB 1.2.8 PC 00:11:12 United States Nevada Las Vegas VolumeDrive 1.2.8 AIO 00:05:15 United States Hawaii Honolulu University of Hawaii 1.2.8 PC 00:11:49 United States Virginia Ashburn Amazon.com 1.2.10a PC 00:22:41 United States Arizona Mesa OVH Hosting N/A 00:41:45 Singapore Central Singapore Community Development Council Singapore Choopa, LLC

The Nodes are collected from the Wallets shown under Network.

Please support Burstcoin by running a public node with latest wallet version ... Download from github!
Create a file with following content within /conf dir, named nxt.properties, where X.X.X.X is your host IP address:

nxt.allowedBotHosts=; localhost; X.X.X.X; 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1;
nxt.allowedUserHosts=; localhost; X.X.X.X; 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1;
nxt.wellKnownPeers=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [2a02:c207:3002:520:0:0:0:1];;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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